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FAQ's Franchises

“iris florets” is one of the leading preschool chains in India, with over 145 franchises in 3 countries. “iris florets” is a play school trying to bring about a change in the current Indian education system. We at “iris florets” are focusing not only on education and sports but also on the child’s creativity, thinking capabilities, independence and leadership qualities.

iris florets is an internationally recognised brand, we provide 360-degree support, like academics support, marketing support, technical support, business support, and recruitment support, guiding you through every step of your preschool franchise journey. Our awards, such as “No.1 Franchise Model School” from The Times of India and “Asia’s Greatest Brand 2017” prove that we have successfully created a formula for an ideal preschool chain.
India is the second most populous country where 14% of the population is less than 6 years old, giving us a target market of 182,000,000, increasing every year. 79% of the Indian preschool market is still unrecognised, comprising neighbourhood non-branded preschools, “iris florets” aims to change the scenario by streamlining the market and offering the best possible preschool experience.

The cost to set up a preschool has many variables like locality, building rent and utilities and many others. The minimum amount to start your own franchise is approximately 10 to 15 lakh rupees.

Our in-house digital marketing team will help you advertise your preschool franchise in the most efficient and effective way. Helping you generate adequate quality leads through google ads and other modes of digital marketing.