A BITS Pilani & IIM Alumni Initiative


WHAT A WASTE! Straw production is one of the most energy-intensive processes on the planet. 8% of world oil production is used to manufacture plastics. Like all plastic, straws are made from petroleum – a natural resource that is running out. All that for an object that provides such as oil drilling, shipping, and manufacture.

Iris InterSchool Competition

The InterSchool Competition organized at Tarnaka centre was mesmerizing. Children from 11 centres have actively participated in many competitions like Reading, Handwriting, Spell Bee, Quiz, Rhymes & storytelling, Clay moulding, Science experiment, Hula hoop and Running race. The zeal that children had in them to win the competitions had lit the environment. Children had lots

Iris Global Cultural Exchange

The very first IrisGlobal Cultural Exchange session was held on 2nd November 2018 @ Iris Florets the happy play school & Iris Sakalya Academy, Kalyan Nagar, Hyderabad. Mr. Hilbert Pustilnik from Berlin, Germany interacted with the PP1 & Grade I students of Iris. This is a unique cultural exchange program that enables all iris schools […]