Iris Florets Preschool Curriculum

Iris Power Learning

Thoughtfully designed by our team of Early Childhood Education experts

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the learning needs of 21st century children are also evolving. What we need today are more practical experiences which kids can apply in their lives. Children, today, need to acquire a unique skill set that prepares them for a world of tomorrow. Whilst these skills are all quite conventional. The learning methodology that makes all the difference.

Iris POWER LEARNING is a revolutionized model developed by our R & D Team, integrating a unique approach to suit the needs of the 21st century learner. Our curriculum is a blend of a unique skill set & complementary facilitators. Learning at Iris is delivered in a happy space where children enters the school with a smile and walks out as confident & happy learners.

Skill Set


Technology has completely revolutionised the way we live our lives. With the use of Audio-Visual Theatre we enable our students to become digital learners.

Confidence & Personality Development

Personality development is all about self-confidence and positive attitude. Our Enthusiastic & Cheerful Teachers encourage children in every little thing they do.

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & innovation is the order of the day. Our facilitators support the development of these skills by allowing students to take part in creative exploration and discovery at our Creative Art & Craft Centre. In our day to day activities, learners are given opportunities to enhance their creativity and innovation.

Collaborate & Communicate

Effective collaboration necessiates children to learn to respect differences and work collectively as a team.

At Iris, communication and collaboration is nurtured through a range of activities like, pair-and-share activity, circle time and role play. At Iris, Role Play Area & Amphitheatre is a key learning centre.

We also have Interactive Talking Pen that helps to map linguistic abilities in the students.

Social Consciousness

Social responsibility entails behaving responsibly with the people around us, being sensitive to nature and taking care of the animal/plant life around us. We sensitize kids about the impact of their behaviour on others; thereby allowing them to do things independently, take responsibility, make choices/decisions, practice cleanliness, learn time management & organization skills.

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to solve problems through innovation. We conduct specially designed activities like obstacle course, yoga and puzzles as part of the Multi-gym to build skills of observation, understanding concepts, problem solving and rational thinking in our students.

Global Leaders

As part of our Parent Connect Programme, we educate students about different cultures and lifestyles across the world. We take the ownership to sensitize students about globally prevailing issues and try to create awareness by hosting campaigns that are led by students.

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Distinctive features that aid holistic development of children:

Little Picasso

Art & Craft Arena

Little Picasso

Stage Craft

Role Play & Open Air Amphitheatre

Stage Craft

Iris Audi & Technology

Audio Visual Theatre & Talking Pen

Iris Audi & Technology

360o Fitness Studio

Multi Activity Gym, In-School PE Programs & Yoga

360o Fitness Studio

Parent-School Partnership

Parent Connect Programme, Enthusiastic & Cheerful Teachers

Parent-School Partnership

Organic Farm

Environmental Education

Organic Farm

Safety Security & Hygiene

Overall Well-being

Safety Security & Hygiene

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